Beneath the Surface, Still Waters Run Deep

What goes on externally does not always equate to what goes on internally.  Internal states and processes are not easily picked up on and are often misread and misjudged.

People generally perceive me as cold, intimidating, and arrogant.  They think that I view myself as superior and always being right.

While I don’t deny that I come across this way to others, these perceptions vastly differ from who I am and how I am on the inside.  I am keenly aware of and readily admit my weaknesses and mistakes.  I am open to feedback and constructive criticisms.  I am interested in understanding others and their perspectives, values, and opinions — I respect their viewpoints even if I disagree with them.  I also respect others’ privacy and am able to easily see the good in everyone (and I mean every one).

In social interactions, most people tend to think that I’m abrasive, argumentative, rude, disrespectful, critical, and insensitive.  Many see me as being derisive, demeaning, and condescending to them.

As it is almost effortless for me to see from multiple perspectives, I have great empathy but I lack the interpersonal skills to convey that.  This is a skill set that I have to constantly improve on as it’s not something I’m naturally adept at.  I am genuine, sincere, honest, and truthful.  I am inquisitive and often ask direct questions.  Emotions aside, I read others well and pick up on micro-expressions with ease.  I dislike holding anyone back and always try to encourage others to continuously grow and learn.

Many consider me to be stubborn, controlling, demanding, and bossy.  They think that I manipulate, have malicious intents, and that I take advantage of people.  They perceive me as someone who is calculating, scheming, and ruthless.

I take advantage of opportunities, not of people, which is the common misconception.  I am non-malicious in all my words and actions.  I am determined, observant, analytical, and insightful.  I problem-solve in a logical, strategic, and efficient manner.

With regard to feelings, people typically deem me emotionless and unfeeling.  Some also regard me as lacking in morals.

I am passionate about personal interests and I have a general care for the world and all living creatures, especially animals.  I am inwardly sensitive and am hypersensitive to rejection.  I experience strong emotions and am aware of my emotions.  I cannot stand when people trample on, hurt, or take advantage of the weak and defenceless.  I can easily put myself in others’ shoes and relate to what they’re feeling.  I am self-aware, intrapersonal, and introspective.  Lastly, I have values.


4 thoughts on “Beneath the Surface, Still Waters Run Deep

    1. These descriptions are very characteristic of the INTJ type. It is nice to read things that you relate to. I remember when I first read the type description, I felt less of an alien and took comfort in knowing that there were others like me out there. I’ve always wondered whether I would get along with a fellow INTJ if I were to meet one in person though.


      1. Yeah I found the exact same thing when I can across it. The best type description I’ve come across for me was on, the ILI – Ni subtype fits like a glove. Feeling understood is so rare it is moving to read it.
        I wonder that to.. I don’t know any other INTJ’s in person


        1. Glad it resonated with you.

          Interesting read. Socionics is not something I’m familiar with. I have a better grasp of the MBTI, and I plan to read up on the Enneagram and incorporate them.

          In person, the closest I’ve come to meeting an INTJ has been an INTP and over a dozen INFJs (I’m not sure why they seem to abound wherever I go). Those dynamics were interesting to say the least.


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