Left Picking Up the Shattered Pieces

Have you ever shared something so precious with another,
only to have it be attacked?

There’s something precious that I keep within me and is a part of me. It’s a small fragile sphere made of glass that glows dimly.


I reached into my core, carefully took it out, and presented it to him. I choose who to show it to and I decided to share it with him. He grabbed it roughly and crushed it in his hands. Shards of glass fell onto the floor.


I stood there stunned and motionless. His questions cut deeper than those shards. Accusations laced his words. Accusations that what I do is meaningless, that I find no meaning in what I do, that I’m merely doing it for superficialities, for material gains.

I picked up the shattered pieces and retreated deep into my shell.


7 thoughts on “Left Picking Up the Shattered Pieces

    1. I was swayed by his ENFP ways. (An ENFP — surprising, isn’t it?) It’s a good reminder, though, that not all people of the same type are exactly the same; that although I have a fondness for the ENFP and INFJ types, I wouldn’t necessarily get along with every one of them (and my gosh how much they’ve hurt me).

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      1. ENFPs (and INFJs) have their charms. They know ways to break down walls, even walls as high as INTJs. It’s hard to reveal something precious to you and have someone not understand. May you find a way to repair that part of yourself. ❤

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  1. It’s dangerous letting someone inside the shell. I rarely rarely do it. I’m so sorry you were deceived. When I was with my INFJ AP I was so timid, but she was so kind the whole way. She’s seen the real me. She’s held that glass. My wife had not even known me that deeply.

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      1. Well I didn’t know anything about MBTI then so it was more random, but she was fun and energetic. Honestly at first I didn’t. I actually was trying to get her to hook me up with another girl who lived on her floor. But then we found we could talk so easily. And we were very comfortable together. She was everything I was not and that was very intriguing. Also I was young and she liked me. She found my quirks to be enjoyable. I hadn’t had a lot of women who liked me to that point. We were really great and easy friends. We still are today actually.

        Were there red flags something was wrong? Yes. But I attributed them to something else. Always something else. I figured the sex problems would clear up when we got married. Very naive. I assumed we would be able to talk about anything. It hadn’t dawned on me that the conversations lacked depth. I assumed that in every marriage the women just tell everyone all your secrets. I’m an INTJ there are lots of secrets. Wish I would’ve known that was really just my wife. Her short fuse on things didn’t really make a difference for years. It was subtle.

        To summarize a really smart esfj can be a lot of fun! Lots of positive energy and always have people around. It was good for me. Very good for me. The problems were it as obvious as the benefits. If you can get past an esfj’s superficial mask they are really great friends to an intj. If I could go back and do it all again I would still want her in my close friends group. We get along really well.

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