A Three-Pronged Fork in the Road

I’m at a fork in the road — a three-pronged fork.  I’ve been idling along the area, mulling over my predicament, prolonging making a decision.

One path requires a tremendous amount of effort and hard work to trudge through — something I don’t seem capable of producing.  It’s a treacherous path that causes an extreme level of anxiety and stress, but completing the journey successfully would give the best outcome and reap the most benefits.  Losing one’s sanity and suffering injuries and/or death are possible, however.

Another path looks deceptively smooth and easy at first – it is tempting – but is littered with land mines further down the road.  In comparison to the first path, there would at least be a chance to relax and breathe for some time on the smooth portion of the road.  There’s no telling what would or could happen during the mine-filled part of the journey though.  Naturally, injuries and/or death are likely.

The last path is dark yet mysteriously calm and comforting.  It’s a wild card; one would have to go in blind, not knowing what’s to come or how it ends.  It promises the potentiality for relief and freedom, but it doesn’t guarantee it.

Those are my options; which shall I choose?


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