MBTI Types as Colours

How I perceive the MBTI types as colours.

The NTs


INTJ: Black — matte and dark like the abyss. Enigmatic and hard to read. No seeming end to their depth.





ENTJ: Bright red, to show their strength and dominance.





INTP: Black with stars, galaxy-like. They typically have a vested interest in astronomy and in the grand unknown. No seeming end to their breadth.



ENTP: Holographic. Loud, verbose, all over the place, and unstructured. They change and improvise easily and quickly.


The NFs



INFJ: Black with a sheen. They catch the light when they wish to mimic an extrovert and hide their darkness.




ENFJ: Teal. Like the ocean, they teach others in a calm, patient, and wise manner. And like the ocean, they may be stormy from time to time.





INFP: Pastel watercolour that appears light and airy on the surface but gets progressively darker underneath the layers. Like a solitary tree on a hill.


rainbow sparkles


ENFP: Bright rainbow with sparkles. Idealistic nature and they (want to) radiate happiness.


The SPs

Silver Metallic Texture


ISTP: Metallic grey. They typically enjoy tinkering with machinery.




ESTP: The jersey colour of the sports team they’re in or they support.  Usually athletic by nature and prefer hands-on experiences.




ISFP: Autumn leaf red, ranging from hues of yellow to orange to a rustic, earthy red. Their happy-go-lucky nature can typically turn into a fiery passion of love or fury at any moment.



ESFP: Rainbow with earthier tones like browns and greens. They strike me as earthy beings who like to party.


The SJs



ISTJ: White — neat, pristine, requires routine and detailed maintenance to keep it free of any spots or specs of dust.




ESTJ: Royal blue. Composed, commanding, decisive, patriotic, and a leader.




ISFJ: Sunflower yellow — they follow the ESFJs as they tend to feel that they should be extroverted in nature. They want to help bring joy and comfort to others through provision of practical services. Like a flower, they’re easily trampled on and taken for granted.



ESFJ: Sunflower yellow. Bright, sunny, cheerful, and helpful with practicalities. Similar to the ISFJ, they’re fragile like a flower.


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