They Are Everywhere

They follow me wherever I go.
They appear everywhere I am.
A rarity?  I think not.
I encounter them frequently.
Much too frequently.
One after the other, they haunt me.
It is disturbing.
I see the same patterns, the same expressions.
I get the same responses, the same reactions.
It’s always the same dance, the same footwork.
Is this a loop?  Have I gone loopy?
It is dreadful.  I dread seeing them.
It is discomforting.  I dislike it.
It will never amount to anything.
There will never be a good ending.
Just confusion and frustration,
Until they disappear,
Until they disintegrate.
What’s the point of it all?
Are they a figment of my imagination?
Are they projections?
Am I delusional?


6 thoughts on “They Are Everywhere

    1. Genuine questions, Bliss:

      • Expresses the emotions and experience of…?

      • How is it a poem or why do you perceive it so? As this is your domain, perhaps you could let me know the poetry techniques you see being employed and I’ll look the terms up?

      • If it’s not too intrusive, may I know which aspects resonate with you? Feel free not to answer this question if you don’t wish to and it’s too personal to share.

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  1. Great questions – I will try to answer them. 🙂

    As I read and interpreted the post, this scene or context expresses a moment and ongoing moments the speaker has experienced and may continue to experience. The speaker is anguishing over the emotions and signals/messages being sent to him/her. Definitely unsettling and raw and very true for many of us.

    The structure of the sentence and the way you play around with grammar are what lead me to believe it is a poem. Short lines, 1 stanza. Now other than that, I don’t have any specific poetry techniques to identify (but that doesn’t mean you haven’t used some!). 🙂

    And not to give a quick, easy answer, but that entire poem resonated. I have experienced those thoughts together, separate, many times. For me, what has helped has been the therapy, medication, and writing (not necessarily in that order). 🙂

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