The Cryptic Ocean

This ocean of blue is peaceful at times. As I sink gradually, the blue serenity envelopes me and I sometimes feel as though I’m floating on a cloud.

Perhaps it’s an illusion. The sky is out of reach. The surface has long left my field of vision as I sink further down into the depths of the ocean.

I think about those on land. They move so effortlessly through the briars, the brambles, and the thistles. They emerge unscathed, with mere scrapes on their arms and legs. I’m not made to be on land. Each step I take is a stab.

I belong to this ocean. From time to time, I spot the presence of another entity in the distance. I try to reach out to them, but they’re too far away. We’re each encompassed in a cloud of darkness as we sink slowly into the cold abyss.


3 thoughts on “The Cryptic Ocean

    1. Do you see a lot of yourself in the INTJ descriptions? I can’t quite seem to place you… a fellow intuitive, definitely (INTJ? INTP?). Do read up on the MBTI in general and the other types as well if it interests you.


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