Moon Bear

I once met a bear named Shoelace,
Who had a crescent under his adorable face.
He was only a cub
And just like a pup
He was always keen to play and embrace.


He would gnaw on my fingers and toes,
And he would climb up then stick out his nose.
With his playful eyes
That hypnotise
And nuzzled into how many hearts? — Who knows.


Ten precious days I spent with him,
Giving in to his every fancy and whim.
Almost ten years since
I’ve seen the prince
How quickly time flies — its grim.


His life was harsh; too soon, he lost his mother.
Mistreated and emaciated, he hadn’t any fur.
But he bounced back quick
And became energetic
He was a mischievous pudge like no other.


Like a toddler, he wanted to play all day,
Even when he was fighting off sleep and nodding away.
Once, he rolled over
And fell, mid-slumber
He was dazed, but got back up at once anyway.


I wonder how big and strong he must now be,
From that little bundle of joy in my memory.
Perhaps one day soon
During a full moon
I’ll visit him not just in dreams but in reality.



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