I am an enneagram type 5. An INTJ 5.

The 2w1 held me back. I relied on the 2w1. We don’t see eye to eye and there are frequent misunderstandings. I seem able to understand them more than they can understand me, despite numerous explanations.

The 9 numbed their emotions and only allowed explosive anger to surface.

The 4s… it never ended well. I’m always intrigued by 4s and feel like I have a lot to learn from them. They don’t seem particularly fond of the 5’s ways. They get nervous and surprised that I observe and read them well. I get nervous when they observe and read my emotions well, but incredibly frustrated when they misread me otherwise. I watch and learn from them from afar.

The 8s try to dominate at first. When they realise that although I’m quiet, I hold my ground, there’s a nod of respect between our “inner tigers”. They give unsolicited life advice and then get surprised when I’m more intelligent than they think.

The 2w3 is an instant turn-off, for both sides.

The 7s write me off as dumb and stupid at first. When they hear me speak, they realise otherwise and start to get intrigued. They become invasive and follow me around like puppies. (And perhaps this is how the 4s perceive me.)

I knew a fellow 5 before. We clicked instantly. We shared the same views and agreed on the important concepts, but were the opposites in all other areas and aspects. I didn’t know this back then, but our MBTI cognitive functions differed. It didn’t last long.


5 thoughts on “Enneagram-speak

    1. I thought so. You can try this:
      There are many other comprehensive personality tests on similarminds.com, so take a look around if you’re interested.

      To read up more on the type 4:
      You should get the “whoa, that’s so me” feeling from it as well. Browse the site to read up on the other types if it interests you and also as confirmation of your type. You will see parts of yourself in some of the other types, especially type 9 I would think, though there would be one main type that you wholeheartedly relate to. (The ‘menu’ button doesn’t seem to work on a mobile device, so just google “enneagram type (number)” and this site should pop up as the first result.)
      Be sure to scroll all the way down the page as it misleadingly looks like it ends ¾ way down, when there are still very interesting descriptions towards the bottom of the page. I particularly like the levels of health and the recommendations for growth. Also, do click the numbers to read up on your compatibility with the other types. It focuses on romantic relationships, but the patterns can easily be generalised to include platonic and familial relationships too. (The 4-and-5 compatibility is an interesting read!)

      Here’s another site for more descriptions about the types:

      Have fun!

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