Mind Your Language

Amusing conversations with a foreign student (paraphrased):


Me: ……committed to your work.

Foreign student: Is this same meaning like relationship? Commitment relationship?

Me: A committed relationship, yes. Which means you only have one girlfriend — you focus on one — and not have other girlfriends.

Foreign student: Okay, I know. Understand. (nods head) ………But who am I committed to at work?

Me: (chuckles uncontrollably)

Foreign student: (sees my reaction and chuckles)

Me: Good question.


Foreign student: The pastor… the priest wears black… and he have big bird — long bird.

Me: ???…… Oh! Beard.


Me: How are you going to promote it?

Foreign student: I will help to promote it… mouth-to-mouth.


Foreign student: I’m over my client. Above my client? Over my client.

Me: (laughs) Do you mean you’re watching over your client?

Foreign student: (blushes and laughs)


I’m walking in Mr. Brown‘s shoes!


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