Happiness is Ignorance

How can one be truly happy, with all that is going on in the world?

There’s so much hurt in the world and I cannot help all of humanity, all the animals, the earth. Someone once described me as “shell-shocked” years ago. I didn’t fully comprehend back then and only realised some time after that it was quite an apt description. They said it wasn’t my responsibility — to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. I hold the same perspective as I did back then. The amount of hurt is so much greater than I am; I, alone, cannot put an end to it. The problems are so much bigger than I am; I cannot solve them singlehandedly. But banding together with others and contributing to help is at least an effort to try making the world a better place, although with small steps at a time. If I’m not making an effort to help, then I’m contributing to the hurt and am worthless.

The future is bleak. The issues seem insurmountable. I admire those who still stand to fight. I commend their strength. I’m not one of the strong ones. I’m weak; a disappointment. I want to erase all traces of my existence on this planet. I don’t want to be a part of any of this.


7 thoughts on “Happiness is Ignorance

  1. We’re just dust on sand on this Earth. It is paralyzing to realize how small we are in the scheme of the world.

    Yet somehow we still have to wake up, get up and do things to survive. We cannot undo the impact we already leaving. We leave footprints in people’s memories, in our media (like this blog) and in our actions (big and small).

    The truth is we’re all just people in front of our computers, alone in our rooms trying to make an impact without any true measure if we actual have done anything. We can just hope that the small ripples of actions can eventually create a wave, and if not, than accept that we still dipped our hands in the water.

    Keep splashing INTJ. I think you are stronger than you think.

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    1. Great analogies, INFJ.

      We are small, in the grand scheme of things. I do not mind being a tiny grain of sand or a speck of dust. I do not desire power. It is when the problems are ever-growing volcanoes, spewing lava with every cry of pain and cry for help, silent or not, that the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness wash over. There’s just so much suffering.

      Merely surviving isn’t something I can do. Erasing the past isn’t what I wish. It is the removal of myself entirely from this situation that I’d like. I want to have never existed in a world that treats its people and animals like this. It is giving up. It is abandoning those in need. It is running away in defeat.

      Much admiration to you and all the others who continue creating ripples in the water and influencing change, however small the impacts may be.

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      1. I’m not sure. I wouldn’t express it that way. You argue that someone can only be happy if (s)he doesn’t know that the world is sometimes awful and humans sometimes cruel.

        Or rather, from your text you say that a person can’t be happy if they feel so powerless when witness so much injustice and violence (which is a very INFJ reaction, by the way)

        I say a person can be happy if (s)he is realist, i.e. not ignorant, but still optimistic. Having just that bit of faith in humans and the future.

        So I would say happiness is optimism.

        I guess ignorance can be a subset of optimism. But there are other ways that lead to optimism too.


        1. My stance that being happy is being ignorant is what you mentioned in your first point, but not quite the second. I didn’t explain it much in my post but delved straight into my feelings, so I’ll expound on it a little more here.

          I don’t see how happiness can exist without ignorance of the injustice and violence — amongst many other things — regardless of whether one feels powerless or has witnessed such occurrences happening. A happy person lives in a bubble with their friends and family. And if (or as long as) their friends and family are alright, if their life inside the bubble is going well, then they’re happy. They remain ignorant of the happenings and lives outside their bubble, or at most, ignore them as best as they can and skim over the negative aspects. They have a general sense of awareness that bad things do happen in the world outside their bubble, but it is limited as they limit their exposure to (and awareness of), not the actual events specifically, but the knowledge that such things are happening.

          I’m not sure about your take on happiness being optimism. I think optimism can be separate from happiness and they need not always go hand in hand. Optimism does tend to be correlated with happiness, but one can be hopeful yet unhappy or neutral.

          It does come across as INFJ. I would say it’s more of Fi. If you’d like to expound on this, do go ahead — I enjoy talking and discussing about the MBTI.


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