The Mind: A Golden Orb

img_5466[A still from this mesmerising video.]

To exist solely in the mind, that is what I wish for.
To be free of the body, that is what I long for.
Imagine living in a realm unshackled by physicality,
Travelling through time and space as an entity.

I’ve always viewed my body as separate from my mind. When I visualise how my mind would look like as its own entity, I see a cluster of electrical sparks — a golden orb — soaring through space and time.

How great it would be to live unconstrained by the physical body. To not be defined by corporeal characteristics. To live in the cerebral realm. To communicate via thoughts and feelings.

No longer would there be a need for the daily upkeep of the body. For the wasted hours spent on hygiene. On mindless sustenance. On unreplenished sleep. On the trivialities of grooming the external facade.

The same monotony every day, and for what? It’s merely a life of wading through the daily motions of mediocrity.

The body is not a vessel but a cage that confines my mind.



3 thoughts on “The Mind: A Golden Orb

  1. Ha, this makes me laugh.

    I always wished that I didn’t HAVE to eat. The worst for me is cooking. Too much stimuli.

    Oh and you’ll probably like the short novel “Eyes Do More Than See”, by Asimov.


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